Research group

Ph.D. students: 

Shai Rosenberg (Technion, 2016-2021). Local and global value sets, submitted.
Tali Monderer (Technion). Genus 0 subgroups of product type groups, in progress

Master students: 

Elad Tzorani (Technion). The parametric dimension of torsors, in progress. Coadvised with Howard Nuer.
Yonathan Akkerman (Technion, 2019-2021). Thesis: Galois groups of compositions of random polynomials. Coadvised with Chen Meiri.
Asael Reiter, (Technion, 2017-2018). Thesis: Randomly generating the symmetric group by word maps. Coadvised with Chen Meiri.
Tali Monderer (Technion, 2016 – 2018). Thesis: Decomposable coverings with alternating and symmetric mondromy.
 Nimrod Segol (Technion, 2015 – 2017). Thesis: Injectivity of rational functions.


Efrat Bank, Technion 2018 – 2019.
Arielle Leitner, Technion, 2017 – 2018.
Francois Legrand, Technion, 2016 – 2017.
 Joachim König, Technion, 2016 – 2017.

Long term visitors:

Kwang-Seob Kim, summer  2017.

Research with undergraduates:

  • Research project by Adi Ostrov (Technion), Reyad Abed Elzrask (Technion). Polynomial values in Fibonacci sequences, Technion, 2018 – 2019. Joint with Avi Berman.
  • Summer research project by Elad Tzorni (Technion), Hila Sasson (Technion), Esther (Huji), Ali Abadi (Technion): Dessin D`Enfants 2018, Technion. Joint with Arielle Leitner.
  • Summer research project by Dan Fischer (TAU), Michael Kabanov (BGU), Moshe Teutsch (HUJI): Dessin D`Enfants on a torus 2016, Technion. Joint with Arielle Leitner.
  • REU project by Ben Myers (MIT), Elise Griffin (Utah State), and Heyi Zhu (Haverford College). Translation rules in the Hurwitz Problem, University of Michigan, 2015.  Joint with Michael Zieve.
  • REU project by Eric Levin (U. Michigan): Polynomials with small value sets over finite fields, University of Michigan, 2014.
  • REU project by Hanna Astephan (U. Michigan), Joseph Varilone (U. Michigan), Nick Wasylyshyn (U.Michigan) and Ben Zinberg (MIT): Davenport pairs (pairs of polynomials that have the same value sets on F_{q^t} for infinitely many values of t). Jointly with Michael Zieve.( 2012)
  • REU project by Lucia Mocz (Harvard university) and Sun Qingyun (Peking university): Families of dihedral elliptic curves of unbounded (algebraic) rank in positive characteristic. Jointly with Christopher Lyons. 2012.

* More details and materials will be provided upon request.